Born and raised in Washington, DC, I’m now a permanent resident of Houston, TX. I grabbed a bachelor’s degree from the greatest HBCU there is - Prairie View A&M University and currently work as a tech professional by day, and a podcast host, creator, brand strategist + website designer all in between. #realcoolgirlshit

I like to think of myself as an authentic voice in a digital space focused on shedding light on all things lifestyle & relationships. My desire is to help others begin the journey to be their best self through vulnerable and transparent personal stories. I am a firm believer in being blunt - whether it’s telling the hard truth, standing in your own truth, or simply redefining your own personal truths. i created this space for us to improve, learn and grow together through life challenges, successes, and experiences. There's no way that you can improve the world until you've taken the time out to improve yourself. These are my thoughts, feelings, expressions, and desires all laid out before you in the podcast, my social media presence and business. 

I love discussing all things mental health, productivity, self care, and relationships. The She's So Blunt brand is a reflection of my life; the things I find beautiful and inspiring... I hope you see it the same way. 

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